Third Round of the Roadmap Local Coordination Meetings in the Western Balkans

Within the framework for the implementation of the Regional Roadmap for a sustainable solution to arms control in the Western Balkans, local Coordination Meetings were organized online by the SALW Commissions in Sarajevo on 2 June, in Tirana on 17 June, in Pristina on 24 June, and in Skopje on 26 June.

The meetings brought together relevant institutions responsible for SALW control, regional and international partners including EMPACT, OSCE, UNDP, UNODC, ITF Enhancing Human Security and GIZ, as well as representatives from the European Union and the Embassies of France, Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

SALW Commissions provided information on the progress, challenges and needs as per the goals of the Roadmap, while the international organizations and donors presented the current and planned contributions in countering the proliferation and illicit trafficking of small arms and light weapons, within the Roadmap framework.

The meetings were organized with the funding support of the  European Union through its Council Decision (CFSP) 2018/1788 in support of SEESAC for the implementation of the Regional Roadmap on combating illicit arms trafficking in the Western Balkans.