Roadmap Coordination

The Roadmap is grounded in SEESAC's unique approach of fostering cooperation and confidence building in the Western Balkans and in achieving concrete and measurable results contributing to transformational change for the region. In particular, at the regional level, different cooperation processes facilitated by SEESAC, involving both policy-makers and operational level practitioners, have proven to be an essential ingredient in ensuring an enabling environment for knowledge transfer, expertise exchange, information-sharing as well as planning and coordination of activities. The Roadmap will continue to foster regional cooperation as the essential enabling element for measurable results.

To ensure coordination of efforts within this process among jurisdictions in the Western Balkans, implementing organizations and donors, SEESAC was tasked through EU Council Decision 2018/1788 of 19 November 2018 to monitor and coordinate the implementation efforts within the Roadmap process. To this purpose, SEESAC is organizing twice per year Regional Roadmap Coordination meetings focusing on taking stock of progress and information exchange at the regional level. At the same time, SEESAC is supporting the organization by the SALW Commissions twice per year, of local coordination meetings with the aim to coordinate the efforts and monitor progress at the jurisdiction’s level in the implementation of the Roadmap.