Arms Export Control Reports Templates

Compliance with the relevant European Union (EU) legislation and agreements concerning Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) is highly desirable for the countries of the Western Balkans as they move towards further European integration. More specifically the nations of the Western Balkans have made commitments to work towards full compliance with the EU Code of Conduct for Arms Exports, which requires the production of annual arms exports reports. The material contained herein is designed to result in the production of a ‘standard’ arms exports annual report template for use by the countries within South Eastern Europe, and wider.

The proposed templates which are in compliance with the requirements of the EU Code of Conduct for Arms Exports, will further improve the capability of national reporting and will also act as a guideline format for the responsible Desk Officers in national ministries. The templates allow for ease of data entry, calculation and information transfer within the arms exports report.

Ensuring compliance with the EU Code of Conduct for Arms Exports is one of the components of the EU Western Balkans SALW Control Support Plan, launched on 07 February 2006 and implemented by SEESAC on behalf of the European Commission.

Here you can download the: