SEESAC Provides Training on Firearms Detection and Risk Analysis to Criminal Police in Serbia

Following the Needs Assessment Report on Capacities of the Criminal Police of the Republic of Serbia to counter trafficking and illicit possession of firearms, SEESAC conducted a comprehensive training focused on firearms detection and the practical implementation of risk analysis methodologies for the Criminal Police.

The four-day training of trainers took place in Belgrade from 9 to 12 May and equipped representatives from the Ministry of Interior with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively counter trafficking and illicit possession of firearms and enhanced the operational capabilities of law enforcement authorities to foster closer collaboration among relevant stakeholders.

The training encompassed a theoretical component, followed by practical exercises aimed at enhancing the participants' practical expertise.

SEESAC has been actively involved in supporting   countering of illicit possession and trafficking of small arms and light weapons across Southeast Europe. Through its activities, it aims to strengthen the capacities of law enforcement agencies in the region, contributing to the overall security and safety in the region.

The training was organised with the EU support provided through the EU Council Decision 2019/2111 in support of arms control activities in South East Europe and reinforces the commitment of the Republic of Serbia to combat trafficking and illicit possession of firearms.