A Practical Tool for Gender Mainstreaming in SALW Control aims to facilitate the integration of the gender perspective into relevant policy and legislative frameworks. It is designed as a simple, user-friendly aid to policymakers and practitioners.

The Tool attempts to enhance awareness of the links between gender and small arms and provides step-by-step guidance for addressing the highly gendered aspects of small arms, which is viewed as a precondition for effective small arms control. The Toolkit presents a revised and expanded edition of SEESAC’s publication from 2016 and extensively builds on good practices and know-how gained in efforts to mainstream gender in small arms control in South East Europe.

This publication is structured around four chapters. The first chapter provides a snapshot of the growing body of research on gendered aspects of small arms and a brief overview of key international frameworks relevant for integrating the gender perspective into small arms control.  The second chapter outlines the main gendered concerns of small arms and documents how the gendered nature of firearms could be tracked in terms of firearms ownership, demand, use, and misuse, as well as attitudes toward firearms.  The third chapter brings a case study of how gender was practically mainstreamed in South East Europe and outlines the main pillars of SEESAC’s approach to evidence-based gender-responsive policymaking.  Finally, the fourth chapter presents a practical methodology that aims to facilitate gender mainstreaming in small arms control policymaking and implementation.

The Practical Tool is available at the following link.