South-East Europe Defence Ministerial Initiative reviews common security challenges

UNDP SEESAC participated in the 42nd South-East Europe Defence Ministerial Coordination Committee Meeting (SEDM - CC) held via teleconference on 15 May 2020, under the Chairmanship of the Ministry of Defence of Albania.

Nineteen representatives from the Member Nations and international organizations  (NATO, RACVIAC, UNDP SEESAC) gathered to share information on common security challenges in the region. The Member Nations reaffirmed their commitment to regional cooperation within SEDM to further promote peace, security and stability in SEE.

UNDP SEESAC briefed on its recent activities in supporting the counterparts in South-East Europe to strengthen small arms and light weapons control and advance gender equality in the security sector.

SEDM Chair, Mr. Petro Koçi, Deputy Minister of Defence of Albania, highlighted the UNDP SEESAC’s support to authorities, which contributes to regional security.

UNDP SEESAC reconfirmed its dedication to working closely with the SEDM Secretariat and all participating nations in contributing to regional cooperation, security and stability, as well as to the Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, UNDP SEESAC thanked the Member Nations for the excellent collaboration in enhancing SALW control and strengthening the gender perspective in the security sector.


Photo of the 42nd SEDM-CC Meeting
Photo credit SEDM