November’s overview of firearm-related incidents in South East Europe is out

SEESAC launches monthly Armed Violence Monitoring Reports on the firearm-related incidents in South East Europe with the aim of providing a summary of the data from the Armed Violence Monitoring Platform (AVMP).

The Armed Violence Monitor Reports are prepared at the regional level and for each location under the AVMP, thus covering Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo*, and Republic of Moldova.

By giving an insight into the type of incidents, firearms used, age and sex of victims and the perpetrators, outcome of the incidents, etc. these monthly reports can support basic analysis of various data sets and detect the main trends of firearm-related incidents across the region. Moreover, Armed Violence Monitor Reports can serve as an informative tool for raising awareness of the danger posed by gun violence, as well as for designing interventions with the principal goal of ensuring a more effective SALW control and the reduction of their severe impact on civilians.


*For the United Nations Development Programme, references to Kosovo in this document accordingly shall be understood to be in the context of the Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999).

For the European Union, this designation is used without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with the UN Security Council resolution 1244/99 and the International Court of Justice Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.