New and Improved Regional Report on Arms Exports Published

On 7 December 2012, UNDP/SEESAC presented the newly published Regional Report on Arms Exports for 2010 at the Regional Steering Group Meeting on Small Arms and Light Weapons, held in Belgrade, Serbia. The report is the direct result of a collective effort made by countries of South Eastern Europe to jointly present their arms export activities using a common methodology designed by the EU. The only other such regional effort in the world is one exercised by the countries of the European Union. 

In order to make it easier for a reader to grasp large amounts of data provided, in addition to detailed information on destination countries, types of equipment, value of licenses traditionally presented in tables, this year’s report features infographics, which effectively summarize regional activities and trends in the field of arms exports in a visual form.

As usual, the report also provides updated information on national legislation relevant to arms export controls and on the regional activities in which Western Balkan states participated in 2010. The report ends with contact information of national institutions responsible for arms export control.

In close collaboration with national governments, SEESAC has been publishing the regional report on annual basis since 2009 – making this a fourth such publication. This year’s report contains detailed information on arms exports of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia during 2010.

The possibility of producing a regional annual report on arms exports for South East Europe was first discussed at the EU outreach events in Serbia (December 2007) and Slovenia (May 2008). Under the auspices of UNDP/SEESAC, an agreement was finally reached to produce a regional report, at a conference in Montenegro (June 2009). All states in the region have already produced national reports that contain detailed information on their arms exports. These national reports should remain the primary source of information on each country’s arms exports.

The production of a regional annual report on arms exports is intended to help consolidate the gains in transparency that have already been made in the region, while also demonstrating an ability and willingness to uphold the commitments associated with the Council Common Position 2008/944/CFSP defining common rules governing control of exports of military technology and equipment.

The production of the report is generously supported by the Kingdom of Norway.