NABIS greets Western Balkan law enforcement

This week (Tuesday 15 – Wednesday 16 May 2023) NABIS welcomed delegates, who oversee firearms investigations at their respective Western Balkan jurisdictions (Montenegro and Serbia), to its headquarters.

Organised in partnership with the South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC), the visit was an opportunity to showcase how NABIS supports the UK’s Firearms Focal Point (FFP) and support delegates in the development of their FFP’s.

Delegates learnt about the different roles and responsibilities within NABIS, from forensic ballistic examination to the analysis of firearms intelligence and identifying trends.

The visit also included a tour of a NABIS lab, allowing delegates to see first-hand the equipment and facilities set up NABIS has at its disposal.

Visits such as this ensure that best practice, knowledge and experience is shared between nations that have the common objective of reducing the criminal use of firearms. This particular visit is further to the conference with SEESAC November.

Jo Clews DCS, Head of NABIS, commented:

“It was wonderful to meet our South East European delegates at our HQ.

“It’s so important that we share our knowledge and expertise with others and vice versa, only by doing this can we continue to improve and innovate our services.

“NABIS looks forward to collaborating with international partners in the future.”

Ms. Bojana Balon, Head of SEESAC:

“SEESAC is happy to continue the long-lasting partnership with NABIS.

“This time, authorities from Serbia and Montenegro got a chance to share knowledge and expertise with the UK colleagues with the special focus on best practices in the functioning of the Firearms Focal Points and capacities of Ballistic Laboratory.

“Working together on countering illicit arms possession and trafficking is the only way for creating a safer South East Europe and a safer Europe.”


This article was written and published by NABIS.