Western Balkan and Moldovan Authorities Enhance Knowledge on Ballistic Examination and Intelligence

Supported by the European Union, SEESAC, in close collaboration with the United Kingdom’s National Ballistic Intelligence Service (NABIS), organised a regional meeting on knowledge and best practice exchange in the field of ballistic examination and ballistic intelligence in Belgrade on 22-23 November 2022.

The meeting strengthened ballistic and forensic capacities for the investigation of firearm-related crimes by enabling the sharing of best practices between the UK and South East Europe among NABIS’s representatives and the Western Balkans and Moldovan heads of firearms focal points, heads of ballistic laboratories, and forensic laboratories’ quality managers.

The participants also used this opportunity to advance standardisation of the quality managers’ work according to ISO standards.

The meeting was organised in the framework of the Support for Enhancing the Fight Against the Illegal Possession, Misuse, and Trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) in the Western Balkans project, funded by the European Union.