South East Europe Defence Ministerial Meeting Takes Place in Sofia

SEESAC participated in the South East Europe Defence Ministerial (SEDM) Meeting on 17 November. The meeting gathered representatives of the Member Nations and international/regional organisations to promote lasting peace, stability and cooperation in the region of South East Europe through the SEDM Process.

Addressing the participants, Sofia’s Defence Minister H.E. Mr. Dimitar Stoyanov underlined the importance of regional cooperation and reflected on the current security challenges in the region.

The meeting welcomed the presence of the representatives from regional organisations, SEESAC and RACVIAC, and appreciated their contributions in supporting the SEDM Initiative. The Member Nations also pointed out that they will further promote and support the activities organised by the mentioned organisations with the aim to enhance the security dialogue and regional cooperation.

The meeting also reaffirmed the Member Nations’ commitment to encouraging political and military cooperation in SEE to strengthen regional security and stability that results in fostering good neighbourly relations.

SEESAC remains committed to jointly work with the SEDM Secretariat and all the forum’s participating Nations and expresses its readiness to continue contributing to regional security, stability, and peace, as well as to the Sustainable Development Goals.