SEESAC Supports Serbia's Military Gender Trainers

Gender sensitization of the military is a necessary precondition for achieving a work environment in which women can grow professionally and have their capacities utilized to full extent.  With this in mind, SEESAC recently organized a Regional Gender Training of Trainers (ToT) Course, thus creating a regional pool of sixteen (16) gender trainers from the Ministries of Defence (MoDs) and the Armed Forces (AFs) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia who will raise gender awareness among military staff in their respective countries.

On 8 May 2014, as a follow up activity, a complementary seminar on gender equality for seven (7) of the trainers from the Serbian military was organized in Belgrade.

The seminar provided an enabling platform for the contextualization to the Serbian environment of the knowledge the trainers gained at the Regional Gender ToT Course, thereby strengthening their training abilities. At the same time the seminar enabled experience and knowledge sharing among the trainers.


The trainers who completed the Regional Gender ToT Course in March 2014, became NATO certified gender trainers. After the regional ToT, SEESAC continues to support gender trainers to strengthen their capacities to effectively tailor gender awareness activities in accordance with their country specific needs.  


Both the regional and national seminars were organized within the framework of the regional project Gender Equality in the Military: Strengthening of Regional Cooperation on Gender Mainstreaming in Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans.




SEESAC's Gender Equality in the Military project aims to create a more conducive environment for the advancement of women in the military in the Western Balkans. With this as its goal, SEESAC is supporting the Ministries of Defense in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia in their efforts to ensure better integration, retention, and professional development for women in the armed forces. SEESAC also works to foster women’s participation in decision-making, as well as gender sensitive change in the organizational culture of the military.