Standards - RMDS/G

Since 2003, SEESAC has worked to develop Regional Micro-Disarmament Standards and Guidelines (RMDS/G) in order to support work at the operational level. The RMDS/G reflect the ongoing development of operational procedures, practices and norms, and are constantly updated to reflect the latest developments and practices in Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Control.

RMDS/G have been developed to improve safety and efficiency by providing guidance, by establishing principles and, in some cases, by referring to other relevant international agreements and specifications.  They provide a frame of reference to encourage the sponsors and managers of SALW Control programmes and projects to achieve and demonstrate agreed levels of effectiveness and safety.

RMDS/G assists national SALW authorities to establish national standards and national SOPs by establishing a frame of reference, which can be used, or adapted for use, as a national standard.  In certain situations and at certain times it may be necessary and appropriate for the UN, or some other recognized international body, to assume some or all of the responsibilities, and fulfill some or all of the functions of a national SALW authority.  In such cases, RMDS/G would be the de-facto national standard.  RMDS/G also provide a basis for the development of legal contracts between donors and implementing organizations.

RMDS/G provide a suitable medium for informing the SALW community of existing international regulations, conventions, treaties and standards which impact on SALW issues, particularly those referring to basic human rights and general safety issues.


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