Work on the draft Law on Weapons and Ammunition continues

The workshop held from 28 February to 1 March brought together representatives of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, with a primary focus to refine the draft of the forthcoming Law on Weapons and Ammunition, address any existing gaps in alignment with the EU Acquis and relevant international practices.

Mr. Danilo Stevandić, State secretary of the Ministry of Interior, underlined the importance of finalizing the new Law on Weapons and Ammunition, stressing its role in enhancing overall security and serving as an important step towards the European Union integration process.

The discussion focused on different aspects of the draft law. This included a thorough examination of the definitions set out in the Law, the categorisation of weapons and ammunition, the provisions relating to the possession and carrying of such items, as well as the procedures related to the collection, registration, and issuance of relevant documents for weapons and ammunition.

SEESAC supports the Western Balkan jurisdictions in harmonizing their arms-control legislation with the Union regulatory framework and other related international obligations and standards across the region and thus continues to strengthen safety and security through regional cooperation in South East Europe.

This workshop was organized within the EU Council Decision (CFSP) 2019/2111 under the framework of SEESAC disarmament and arms control activities in South-East Europe reducing the threat of illicit small arms and light weapons and their ammunition.