Western Balkan Authorities Review Progress in SALW Control Roadmap Implementation

Six Local Coordination Meetings were organised during November 2022 by the Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Commissions in Pristina, Podgorica, Tirana, Sarajevo, Belgrade, and Skopje. The meetings were held in the framework of the implementation of the Regional Roadmap for a Sustainable Solution to the Illegal Possession, Misuse and Trafficking of SALW and Their Ammunition in the Western Balkans by 2024 (Roadmap).

The authorities reviewed the progress made and discussed the next steps needed for the full implementation of the Roadmap by relevant local stakeholders and their cooperation with regional and international partners and donors.

These biannual local coordination gatherings were the occasion for the representatives of the European Union and the embassies of the French Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as international organisations and donors engaged in SALW control in the Western Balkans, to update on the support provided and planned on the Roadmap implementation.

As the next step, the SALW Commissions will meet on the regional level during the Eighth Regional Roadmap Coordination Meeting to be organised in Budva, Montenegro, on 13-14 December 2022.

The meetings are organised with the support of the European Union provided through its Council Decision 2022/1654, amending Decision 2018/1788, in support of SEESAC for the implementation of the Regional Roadmap on combating illicit arms trafficking in the Western Balkans.