SEESAC Supports Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to Develop Standard Operating Procedures for SALW Control

Supported by the European Union, SEESAC organised a workshop on the development of Standard Operating Procedures in the field of small arms and light weapons control and the sharing of best practices in the establishment of the Firearms Focal Points relevant for authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event, which took place in Sarajevo on 24-28 October 2022, aimed at enhancing the authorities’ capacities to counter trafficking, misuse, and illicit possession of firearms.

The workshop revolved around the recommendations and conclusions of the Needs Assessment Report on Capacities of relevant authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to counter trafficking and illicit possession of firearms, which resulted from a field visit and a detailed assessment that SEESAC conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2021.

Additionally, as a next step in supporting the enhancement of the capacities of the authorities, funds have been allocated for the procurement of the equipment and related training assessed as needed.

These activities are being organised with the support provided through the EU Council Decision 2019/2111 in support of arms control activities in South East Europe, as well as in the framework of the regional IPA project Support for Enhancing the Fight Against the Illegal Possession, Misuse, and Trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) in the Western Balkans, funded by the European Union.