Increasing the Quality of Investigations and Intelligence-led Policing through Enhanced Cooperation between the Firearms Focal Point, Prosecutors, and the Ballistic Laboratory In Priština

Last week SEESAC wrapped up a two-day Workshop on the Outreach of the FFP and Ballistic Laboratory to the Prosecution Office in Support of Firearms Investigations in Pristina, on 17-18 October.

The Workshop was the first in a series of Workshops planned to be held throughout the region aiming to facilitate better outreach and cooperation among the FFPs, ballistic experts, and prosecution offices.

Thematically divided into two parts, the first day of the Workshop was dedicated to increasing prosecutors’ awareness about the specific knowledge products relevant for the investigators and support provided by the FFP in firearms-related investigations. The second day focused on the specific ways in which prosecutor’s knowledge of ballistic and forensic examinations can support their firearm-related investigations.

As such, the Workshop facilitated lively discussions and dynamic exchanges on the use of forensic evidence in firearm-related investigations between forensic and ballistic experts and police investigators, fostering information sharing and knowledge exchange.

Special focus was put on exploring the practical ways in which FFP can support investigators and prosecutors in ongoing cases. It was highlighted that FFP has the capabilities to respond to specific ad hoc requests and produce tailor-made intelligence reports that can contribute to the success of current investigations. Thus, the importance of the cooperation between the prosecution and the FFP was pointed out for the benefits it brings to the quality of the investigation process.

This Workshop was organized within the Regional IPA project in Support for Enhancing the Fight Against the Illegal Possession, Misuse, and Trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) in the Western Balkans.