The First Regional Workshop of Criminal Police Representatives

The first Regional Workshop of Criminal Police Representatives was organized by SEESAC on 14 and 15 December 2021. Police and Investigations Services from Western Balkans and Moldova were brought together for the first time in a regional platform dedicated exclusively to criminal police services in SEE to jointly discuss state of play and challenges in firearms-related criminal investigations in their respective jurisdictions.

This meeting enabled presentation of Initial findings of the Needs assessment of capacities of Criminal Police Services in the Western Balkans that is being developed by SEESAC. This in-depth assessment of capacities of criminal police services of Western Balkans was successfully conducted in all six Western Balkan jurisdictions during 2021. Finalized reports that shall derive from these assessment missions will set the basis for further comprehensive support to authorities of Western Balkans in provision of equipment, training and development of Standard Operating Procedures.

During the meeting, overview of modalities and tools of information sharing with EUROPOL and bilaterally between EU Member states and Western Balkans partners were presented together with potential challenges and recommendations for the way ahead. This important topic was further followed up by EMPACT presentation on Operational Action “Conversus” and insights on how the collected data on firearms related incidents can be used to determine routes of trafficking of illicit blank firearms and SALW.

National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) delivered a presentation on the ways to deliver reliable and focused intelligence on the criminal use of firearms and provided an overview on conducting analysis in support of gun crime and illicit arms trafficking investigations.

The Regional Workshop of Criminal Police Representatives was organized in the context of implementation of European Union Council Decision (CFSP) 2019/2111, specifically related to the capacity-building of border and criminal police services in countering illicit trafficking and possession of firearms.