SEESAC marks the International Gun Destruction Day by sharing an insight into its work

Today is July 9th -  the International Gun Destruction Day. A day that draws our attention to violence committed by small arms and light weapons and calls on governments to destroy any surplus or confiscated weapons – as this is the only way we can know with certainty that these weapons will not enter illicit arms flows or be misused.

Armed violence is a daily occurrence worldwide, including in South East Europe. SEESAC’s Armed Violence Monitoring Platform that tracks firearms-related incidents in 7 jurisdictions has recorded 2,887 such incidents in 2020 alone.

Driven by this fact, SEESAC has consistently supported SALW destructions throughout the region – resulting in the disposal of as many 342,000 pieces of SALW over the years.

Nevertheless, SALW destructions are only one aspect of SEESAC’s holistic approach to tackling the misuse, illicit possession and trafficking of arms, and thus contributing to a safer region. This year we mark July 9th by sharing a special insight into the full span of our efforts – presented in the SEESAC 2020 Annual Report. 

We provide comprehensive support to regional cooperation on both strategic and operational level, as well as support for enhancing criminal investigations and border control as a way to combat arms trafficking and illicit possession. We support the authorities in advancing harmonization of arms control legislation with the EU Acquis and assist them in strengthening evidence-based policy making especially for the advancement of gender equality in the security sector. These are just a few areas of our work.

SEESAC’s efforts are rooted in the needs of our counterparts and are constantly adapting to new trends. The 2020 Annual Report thus provides a snapshot of the region’s progress towards becoming more safe and secure.