Regional Network of Women Police Officers

On 22-23 July 2009, the Southeast Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA), OSCE ODIHR and OSCE Serbia have organized in Belgrade, Serbia, a meeting of experts to discuss procedures, guidelines and focal points for the establishment of a regional women police officers network (WPON).

Diman Dimov, Team Leader SEESAC presented to the members of the national police forces in the Southeast Europe the project document developed by SEESAC in support of the WPON. The project will support the creation of basic statutes governing management and membership structures as well as specific efforts tasked with addressing the recruitment, promotion, retention and career building of women police officers in the region.

It is envisioned that the WPON can also come to serve as an advisory body to the region’s police services on matters related to gender and policing; and project initiating and facilitating. The project will support the development of relevant gender policy and guidelines based on best-practice experiences, including from other existing regional networks for women police officers.

SEESAC will also develop in partnership with the WPON a SALW course for women prosecutors and judges in South East Europe, enabling them to gain in-depth knowledge on small arms and light weapons as well as the accompanying legislative frameworks.