National SALW Commission in Moldova resumes work

SEESAC organized a workshop for the SALW Commission in Moldova during the period 25-27 November in Chisinau. The goal of the workshop was to identify the components for a national project on SALW control by using the logistical framework approach (LFA) method.  Ten national counterparts from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Defence and the Customs Service took part in this exercise. Representatives from the OSCE Mission in Moldova and UNDP Moldova have participated as well. The outcome of the workshop is a draft LFA matrix of the SALW control project agreed by all participants. The national counterparts endorsed the framework of the project, which will include: Overall Objective, Purpose of the Project, Expected results, Activities,  as well as Assumptions, Indicators and the Mean of verification.

The following main areas of project intervention have been identified:

a) Strengthening institutional capacity to manage the SALW control,

b) Use of economic instruments to reduce the illegal arms circulation (de-monopolization of arms’ market) and

c) Modernization of arms storage infrastructure.

According to national counterparts expertise and needs these three components, if properly addressed, would contribute to reduction of the risks associated with poor management of arms stockpiles as well as to illegal circulation of firearms in the country.

SEESAC will finalize a draft project document by end of 2009 and present it to the donor community for funding in 2010.