Industry Outreach Workshop in Serbia

The industry outreach workshop on licensing procedures of import and export of arms, military equipment and dual-use goods was held on 15th October 2009, in the "Sava Center" in Belgrade. The workshop was hosted by the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development (MERD) of the Republic of Serbia. The event was part of the SEESAC's assistance programme to MERD.

The workshop was attended by more than 150 representatives of the Serbian industry. Representatives of the national institutions responsible for export control oversight provided an updated of the international and national legal framework.

Ms Vesna Arsic, State Secretary for International Economic Relations, MERD, presented a general overview of the developments in the export controls regime in Serbia.  Dr Ana Blagojevic, Assistant Minister, MERD, described the plans for adoption of changes in the current regulation in order to harmonize with the EU policies and  international best practices as well as with the Wassenaar Arrangement. LtCol Radenko Subotic presented the work of the Ministry of Defense in the export control process.  Ambassador Branka Latinovic,  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, described the international framework of exports controls and the obligations of Serbia.  Mr. Aleksandar Stankovic from the Directorate for Civil Aircraft and Mr. Milan Vasovic from the Ministry of Interior had their presentations on the legal regulations and procedures in the field of transportation of arms and military equipment. Ms Snezana Milic, Senior Advisor, MERD, presented the international best practices and the national control on  dual-use goods.

The guest speaker   Mr. Wolwgang  Sosic, Head of Export Control  of "Diehl BGT Defence" shared the experience from the German industry in the implementation of the EU and national legislation.

The industry outreach workshop has provided a platform for governmental and industry representatives to increase their cooperation in the implementation of export controls in Serbia.