Croatia: 2nd Annual Report on Arms Exports and Imports Published

The Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Croatia produced their second "Annual Report on Export and Import of Military Goods and Non-Military Lethal Goods for 2010." The Report comprehensively covers all the efforts that have been invested by the relevant bodies of the Republic of Croatia in the course of the year, in order to establish as successful a system of export and import control as possible for military goods and non-military lethal goods. The Report includes the description of the legal framework, together with various methods of international cooperation and assistance to the domestic industry with the aim of export facilitation.  The report provides data on issued and used licences for export and import of military goods and non-military lethal goods for commercial purposes in 2010.

The report is available in both English and Croatian language.

The publication of the Report was possible thanks to the assistance provided by the Norwegian government, through SEESAC.