Assessments of capacities of criminal police services in the Western Balkans completed

Within the framework of the EU Council Decision 2018/1788 in support of the implementation of the Regional Roadmap on combating illicit arms trafficking in the Western Balkans, the  SEESAC team of experts  completed missions in 6 Western Balkan jurisdictions to assess  capacities of criminal police services to counter illicit arms possession and trafficking .

Support to combating the threat posed by the illicit proliferation and trafficking of SALW in and from South East Europe is an essential part of the Roadmap for a sustainable solution to the illegal possession, misuse and trafficking of SALW and their ammunition in the Western Balkans and  EU Action Plan on Firearms Trafficking 2020-2025.

Findings of criminal police assessment missions will represent a basis for a comprehensive and tailor made support to jurisdictions in development/revision of stanard operating procedures,  provision of needed equipment and thematic trainings as well as regional workshops for criminal police officers to further enhance detection and investigation of illicit possession, misuse and trafficking of SALW. This support will be provided in the framework of EU Council Decision 2018/1788  and will go hand in hand with the comprehensive support provided to border police services in the Western Balkans.

Support to the enhancement of the capacities of criminal and border police services in the Western Balkans in countering illicit trafficking of SALW, ammunition and explosives directly contributes to the Goal 3 of the Roadmap, calling for a significant reduction of illicit flows of firearms, ammunition and explosives until 2024 and furthermore to the enhanced security in the whole Western Balkan region and beyond.