Arms Exports Control Software

SEESAC has supported the national export control authorities in the Western Balkans since 2006. The software for arms exports control provides national authorities with a practical tool for record-keeping, analyses and report generation. The software has been built upon the initial realease of the Arms Exports Report Template. The software can be customised upon request.

The software keeps records of issued export and import licenses and enables the generation of periodical reports – annual or quarterly. The reports contain sections and annexes.

The data entered is automatically linked to predefined  sections and annexes, which correspond to licence types.

Each record contains data about a licence and separate records on the goods transferred under that licence. There are six types of logs:

  • Export licences issued for arms and military equipment
  • Import licences issued for arms and military equipment imports
  • Export licenses issued for dual-use goods
  • Import licences issued for dual-use goods
  • Brokering activities
  • Catch ALL

Data from each log can be traced by any field. There is also the possibility of filtering and sorting all data. In order to preserve data consistency, a list of international codes of companies and countries has been created. This ensures accurate and simple reporting and data search.Due to the multi-currency licensing system the data can be entered in both the original and reference currency with automatic sum conversion.

Today the Ministry of Economy of Montenegro, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Serbia are using components of the software developed by SEESAC.

You can find full specification of the database structure here

SEESAC can provide you with a copy of the software upon request.

Please send your requests to with a subject: Arms Exports Control Software