A Workshop for Establishing the SALW National Strategy Action Plan in Serbia

On 19-20 March 2012, a Workshop for Establishing the Action Plan for the Implementation of Small Arms and Light Weapons National Strategy in the Republic of Serbia for 2010-2015 was held in Zrenjanin, Serbia. The Workshop was hosted by the Serbian Ministry of Interior, with the support of UNDP/SEESAC and was attended by the representative members of the Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Commission from the Serbian ministries of Defence, Education and Science, Finance (Customs Administration), Foreign Affairs, Health, Interior, Youth and Sport and Security Information Agency.

The Commission, which is responsible for proposing measures for the implementation and coordination of the Strategy, agreed that SEESAC would provide technical support together with the Bureau for Strategic Planning of the Serbian Ministry of Interior. Ms. Tamara Karaica, of UNDP Croatia, was also present at the Workshop where she outlined the main aspects of the Croatian Action Plan, its objectives and implementation processes.

The Commission discussed and agreed on the main objectives and actions for the establishment of the Action Plan for SALW National Strategy in Serbia 2010-2015, which has the following 8 objectives:

Objective 1

Create the conditions for an effective application of the national legislation related to the production, transfer, marking and stamping, export and import controls, fulfillment of requirements for weapons’ possession and weapons registration procedures.

Objective 2

Inform the public on the negative impacts of weapons’ abuse and raise awareness in individuals and legal entities on the risks caused by weapons and on legal regulations related to weapons possession and internal and international transfers of weapons.

Objective 3

Create the conditions for safe storage of small arms and light weapons.

Objective 4

Plan and conduct long-term and regular activities of SALW controls with the aim of weapons collection (amnesty) or their seizure and destruction.

Objective 5

Identify surplus stockpiles of small arms and light weapons under state control and create material and financial conditions for their safe disposal.

Objective 6

Strengthen cooperation at national and international level, in accordance with the existing international documents.

Objective 7

Seek civil society support to the SALW Control Strategy.

Objective 8

Ensure observance and implementation of the existing international agreements (documents, conventions) related to small arms and light weapons, acceded by the Republic of Serbia, and compliance of local legislation with the international documents and regulations of the UN, OSCE and EU.

The EU Council Decision 2010/179/CFSP provides for support to the activities that fall under Objectives 4 and 5 of the Strategy. SEESAC participates on behalf of UNDP in the work of the Council as an observer and contributes in a practical manner towards the achievement of the Strategy goals.