Safety, security, gender equality - from the Western Balkans to the world

The RSSRP Report covering January 2016 - June 2017 highlights how the Westerns Balkans are sharing their expertise in niche rule of law areas, from small arms and light weapons control to gender equality, from the United Kingdom to Uganda.

Like many other regions, the Western Balkans had a rough start reforming the security sector. But progress has been made and now countries in the region are willing and able to share their expertise and lessons learned with others. Drawing upon its 15 years of experience across the Western Balkans on enhancing security and promoting gender equality, SEESAC developed the RSSRP - Regional Security Sector Reform Platform.

RSSRP brings together the region's top experts working for public institutions such as the police and the military, on niche rule of law areas. RSSRP offers quick, effective, and demand-driven short term, targeted technical support and training capacity policy development and implementation. The areas covered range from SALW control policy including security of stockpiles of weapons and ammunition, combatting illicit firearms trafficking; marking, tracing and registration of firearms, to regional arms exports control, as well as SALW collection and awareness raising campaigns. Expertise is also available on advancing gender equality in the security sector, with a focus on enhancing gender equality within the police and the military, and supporting the security sector organizations to provide security to both women and men.

From January 2016 to June 2017, seven deployments of 17 experts were organized from the United Kingdom to Uganda providing gender training to the military, support to women police officers in advancing the work of their associations, and forensics experts to improve investigations in gender based violence.

For additional information on RSSRP, please see our report here.