Reduce Risk - Increase Safety – Towards Ending SALW Misuse in Domestic Violence Context

The project under implementation by UNDP Serbia aims to reduce the misuse of firearms in the context of violence against women, domestic violence, and other forms of gender-based violence by improving practices and procedures related to criminal justice response to SALW misuse, setting up the basis for evidence-based policy making, increasing the awareness among the general population on the dangers of illicit SALW possession and misuse, and developing knowledge packages for risk reduction of firearms misuse in the context of gender-based violence.

The project works towards ensuring a resource and information base that will enable monitoring of practices looking at the correlation between gender-based violence and the misuse of SALW, and eventually, evidence-based policy making. Better data collection will enable managing the risks of SALW misuse in the domestic violence context. It will contribute to the effectiveness of the interventions, which is a precondition for the prevention of repetition of the SALW misuse in the context of domestic violence. The project is also aimed at developing and implementing prevention programmes that will contribute to deconstructing gender stereotypes and will lead towards greater awareness among men and women on the danger of misuse of firearms in the context of gender-based violence. The project also improves the existing protection practices, including criminal-justice response to work towards ensuring victims’ safety. The project is thus focused on better risk management in addressing firearm use in the context of domestic violence performed by capacitated professionals through coordinated and integrated service.

Budget: US$294,462

Implementing period: September 2019 – December 2021