Roadmap Coordination

The Roadmap is grounded in SEESAC's unique approach of fostering cooperation and building confidence in the Western Balkans for achieving concrete and measurable results contributing to transformational change for the region as a whole. In particular, at the regional level, different cooperation processes facilitated by SEESAC, involving both policy-makers and operational level practitioners, have proven to be an essential ingredient in ensuring an enabling environment for knowledge transfer, expertise exchange, information-sharing and planning and coordination of activities at the regional level. This has served not only to increase the capacities in the region but more importantly to build confidence and foster direct cooperation among institutions and individual experts, which, among other things, enabled the development of the Roadmap. The Roadmap will continue to foster regional cooperation as the essential enabling element for measurable results.

To ensure coordination of efforts in the implementation of the Roadmap among jurisdictions in the Western Balkans, implementing organizations and donors, SEESAC was tasked through the same EU Council Decision until 2021 to organize twice per year Regional Roadmap Coordination meetings focusing on taking stock of progress and information exchange at the regional level. At the same time, SEESAC is supporting the organization by the SALW Commissions twice per year, local coordination meetings with the aim to coordinate the efforts and monitor progress at the jurisdiction’s level in the implementation of the Roadmap. 

Roadmap Local Coordination Meetings

The Local Coordination Meetings are led by the SALW Commissions in each jurisdiction and are held in advance of the Regional Coordination Meetings. The meetings provide the opportunity to coordinate the implementation of the activities, assist in monitoring of progress, identification of challenges, gaps and needs for support as per the specific goals of the Roadmap as well as the Action Plan adopted by the Governments to implement the Roadmap at jurisdiction level. The local coordination meetings aim to provide the opportunity to the local and international organizations to discuss and brief on their engagement in arms control and to the donors on their current and/or planned support in countering the proliferation and illicit trafficking of SALW within the Roadmap framework in the specific jurisdiction.


Third Roadmap Local Coordination Meetings were virtually organized in:

Sarajevo (2 June 2020), Tirana (17 June 2020), Pristina (24 June 2020), Skopje (26 June 2020).

Second Roadmap Local Coordination Meetings organized in:

Skopje (29 October 2019), Pristina (30 October 2019), Tirana (1 November 2019), Podgorica (4 November 2019), Sarajevo (7 November 2019), Belgrade (8 November 2019).

First Roadmap Local Coordination Meetings organized in:

Pristina (2 April 2019), Skopje (23 April 2019), Tirana (6 May 2019), Podgorica (7 May 2019), Belgrade (8 May 2019), Sarajevo (16 May 2019).

Roadmap Regional Coordination Meetings

The Roadmap Regional Coordination Meetings gather representatives of SALW Commissions in the Western Balkans, representatives of international organizations and other implementing partners engaged in arms control in the region, as well as key donors in the area. These meetings provide the opportunity to review progress in the implementation of the Roadmap goals, present the data collected on the KPIs, discuss contributions from the implementing partners and donor’s support in countering the proliferation and illicit trafficking of SALW, and identifies the remaining gaps in the Roadmap implementation.

2nd Regional Roadmap Coordination Meeting - 20 - 21 November 2019, Tirana


1st Regional Roadmap Coordination Meeting - 28 May 2019, Tarcin, Sarajevo


High-Level Meetings

2nd International Donor Conference - 31 January 2020, Berlin

The Second High-Level Meeting took place in Berlin, on 31 January 2020. Hosted by Heiko Mass, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany and H.E. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, the second high-level meeting on the implementation of the SALW Control Roadmap for the Western Balkans reviewed the progress achieved in the first year of the implementation of the Roadmap. In the meeting, the Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs of the Western Balkans reported on progress in their jurisdictions, while SEESAC’s Project Manager reported on the progress of the implementation of the Roadmap. Key international organizations including OSCE, UNODC, NATO, EUROPOL/EMPACT, FRONTEX and key donors presented their contribution to the implementation of the Roadmap.


1st International Donor Conference - 11 December 2018, Paris

The first International Donor Conference for the Roadmap was organized by the governments of France and Germany in Paris on 11 December 2018. The event was hosted by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of France and Germany and it brought together over 100 participants including Ministers or Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Interior from Western Balkans, governments’ representatives from Europe, North America, and international and regional organizations engaged in arms control, including the United Nations. The Ministers of Interior from the Western Balkans presented the priorities set forth in the Action Plans for the implementation of the Roadmap, as well as identified goals while international organizations informed on their planned support to these action plans ranging from stockpiles management to strengthening criminal justice response to misuse of firearms and mainstreaming gender in security policies.