A light machine gun M-84 cal. 7.9 mm, an automatic rifle ...

11 October 2021, Time unknown

Podgorica, Podgorica Municipality

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A light machine gun M-84 cal. 7.9 mm, an automatic rifle M-70 cal. 7.62 mm with eight magazines, a submachine gun with three magazines, a rifle "Mauser" cal. 8 mm, a rifle "Zastava Arms" M-70 cal. 30-06 with an optic sight, a hunting carbine M-98 cal. 8x57, a pistol "Pietro Beretta" with an obliterated serial number and of cal. 9 mm, a pistol "Browning" cal. 9 mm, 14 m of slow-burning fuse, 190 detonating caps, a pistol and a rifle barrels with obliterated serial numbers, a starting pistol, an anti-tank mine, 16 hand grenades, 112 dynamite fuses, 40 pieces of commercial explosive, 3.338 cartridges of different caliber and types, rifle parts and components, and many other objects were found and seized, in illegal possession, from a 46-year-old man during a home raid by the police.

Type of incident: Weapons seizure
Type of weapon: Multiple types of SALW
Type of posession: Illegal
Perpetrator-Victim Relationship: Other
Result of the incident : Perpetrator(s) known and caught
Micro location: Home, apartment, yard