Improving National SALW-Related Practices and Building Violence-Resilient Communities

The project under implementation by UNDP North Macedonia supports the Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Macedonia to improve its Weapons Registration and Stockpile Management Software and to design, develop and implement the Information Management System used for collecting, analysing, and sharing SALW-related data, leading to more effective and efficient control and response to firearms-related threats.

In line with amended EU Directive 91/277/EC, a new module for the Weapons Registration and Stockpile Management Software will be developed, allowing registered firearms dealers to keep a record of the firearms in their possession and the ones they dispose of, with specific details that enable better identification and tracing of the firearms. The necessary hardware to provide proper and uninterrupted functioning of the system will be acquired through the project, and post-deployment training to the end-users will be delivered in a tailored, timely, and task-oriented manner to ensure optimal results.

At the same time, the project will improve the Information Management System of the Ministry of Interior to generate automated reports and analyses on the distribution and impact of firearms. Through a series of bespoke project activities, such as developing standardized methodology and streamlining organizational processes, and upgrading necessary software and hardware, the Ministry of Interior will be able to collect and analyse, on a regular basis, quantitative and qualitative information and suitably disaggregated data on incidents and criminal cases including misuse and trafficking of firearms, their parts and components, and ammunition.

Budget: US$1,000,908

Implementing period: September 2019 – August 2022