Removal of the Napalm Powder Completed

On 22 July 2013, the removal of approximately 161 tonnes of surplus napalm powder owned by the Ministry of the Defence of the Republic of Serbia has been completed. The powder is now being transported from the “Jovac” storage site and the Batajnica Air Base to the specialized facility of SAKAB in Kumla, Sweden where it will be destroyed.  The destruction of the napalm powder will be completed at the end of August 2013. 


The total cost of the napalm removal was 147,400.00 EUR. The majority of the necessary funds, namely 94,200.00 EUR, were provided by the Federal Republic of Germany, through the OSCE.


The disposal of the napalm powder is an activity conducted within the framework of the Capacity Development Programme for Conventional Ammunition Stockpile Management for the Republic of Serbia (CASM)  -  a joint development programme of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia (MoD), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) initiated at the request of the Serbian MoD.


CASM activities are split into three distinct components:


  • Demilitarization and Disposal of approximately 1,133 tonnes of White Phosphorous filled ammunition and Napalm Powder
  • Infrastructure Development of ammunition storage areas and capacity development of ammunition management systems at Mirsac and Mirnicka Reka;
  • Infrastructure improvements of demilitarization facility – TRZ Kragujevac.


The key goals of CASM are:


  • Improved Human Security through the upgrade of safety and security of ammunition storage sites
  • Enhanced Counter-Proliferation through reduced quantity and enhanced security of surplus stockpiles
  • Improved Demilitarization Capacities with the upgrade of TRZ Kragujevac infrastructure.