Rogame SALW Storage Upgrade

The Roadmap project “Rogame SALW Storage Upgrade” improved the physical security of SALW and ammunition stockpiles in Montenegro by supporting the upgrade of two SALW storage magazines and guardhouse of the Ministry of Interior / Police Directorate SALW storage location Rogame, in line with international best practices and standards.

The project contributed to Roadmap Goal 7.

Key results achieved:

The project finalized the reconstruction works at the two magazines and guard house of the Rogame storage. The works included changing of roofs, ceilings, providing extension of existing access ramps, strengthening exterior and interior walls, replacing doors and windows, installing outdoor lighting, and making the sewage/water/electricity installation in the guard house.

As such, the project successfully reduced the risk of firearms and ammunition proliferation, and potential accidents at the storage.

Budget: US$162,000

Implementing period: August 2019 – November 2021