Reducing illicit possession and misuse of firearms through support for awareness-raising and collection campaigns

Public awareness-raising and collection campaigns are a crucial part of SEESAC’s work. The goal of the campaigns is to inform the public of the dangers posed by misuse and illicit flows of firearms and influence a change in mindset leading towards a reduction of illicit possession and misuse. In 2017-2019 this work will continue through:

  • A regional survey establishing a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena behind illicit weapons possession.
  • The development and implementation of innovative awareness-raising campaigns seeking to reduce illicit possession.

Past examples of our campaigns include two awareness raising campaigns on the dangers of illicit firearms in the context of domestic violence in Albania and Serbia, two regional social media campaigns “Celebrate with your heart, not your gun” and “Hear out the voices of the victims”  that reached 6.4 million people, as well as  collection campaigns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Moldova.