Countering Illicit Arms Trafficking (CIAT)

The project under implementation by UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to enhance the capacity of the Border Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina and of 14 entity and cantonal Police Agencies to combat illicit arms trafficking across BiH and beyond, by developing a database on the legal transport of weapons, improving the SALW Identification Tool, providing specialized border control equipment, and strengthening inter-institutional cooperation.

Specifically, the project is strengthening the data collection, analysis, and exchange of information among the institutions involved in the process of supervision of legal trade through the development of the database on legal transport of weapons managed by the Ministry of Security. Also, further technical support related to the supervision of legal trade and control of postal parcels and unmarked shipments is being provided to the competent institutions.

The project is also supporting the continued advancement of data collection, analysis, tasking and coordination of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by further developing the SALW Identification Tool for its use in the official reporting and its rollout to other Police Agencies. Equipment for 14 Police Agencies and equipment for the Border Police for the control of the green border, respectively, is being provided, as well and training of 2,000 police officers on detection methods using the procured equipment.

Furthermore, the project aims to support strengthening inter-institutional cooperation between all police agencies in the country, Border Police and Customs Administration on unifying the protocols for prevention, detection and deterrence of smuggling of firearms, ammunition and explosives on one hand, and the Ministry of Security and the Border Police and their national and regional counterparts on the other. This is being achieved through implementation of different and parallelly interdependent activities such as completion of unified SOPs for detection of illicit SALW for all police agencies across the BiH, and provision of training for 2,000 police officers on the use of the SOPs and more.

Budget: US$1,071,283

Implementing period: July 2019 – December 2022