Support Albania’s Law Enforcement Authorities to Strengthen Firearms Criminality Evidence Management and Investigation Capacities

The project under implementation by UNDP Albania aims to enhance the capacities of the Albanian State Police to operate with higher standards and more effective procedures in the area of criminal investigation.

Specifically, the project is supporting the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the areas of chain of custody, crime scene investigation procedures, tagging and packaging of evidence, and for the development of an “open case file” for ballistic examination.  Complementary to this framework assistance, the project provides contemporary/ upgraded equipment to all CSI teams in Albania to enable them to align with and adopt new forensic techniques and benefit from technological advancements.

Furthermore, the project is developing evidence management systems through the adoption and implementation of a Laboratory Inventory Management System (LIMS), a basic necessity to any forensic laboratory, with the ability to offer process automation for tracking users who enter data; tracking samples arriving at the laboratory; generate, manage and distribute case reports; and manage workflows and data integrity throughout the process. Also, the project enables the development of a software solution for open case file evidencing and automation and improvement of physical storage.

Finally, the project supports the upgrade of the Ballistic Sector equipment, through the procurement and installation of a water tank and other priority equipment for the MoI. The project will thus improve firearms-related criminal investigations, which will in turn strengthen the quality and effectiveness of the investigations conducted.

Budget: US$1,234,571

Implementing period: December 2019 – December 2022