Strengthening Control, Administration and Social Attitudes Towards SALW

The project initiated by UNDP Albania starting in December 2020 aims to strengthen national institutions and systems and improve collaboration and coordination between relevant institutions and affected communities for an effective and efficient response to SALW/firearms threats. 

Specifically, the project will help improve and modernize the registration of all legally possessed firearms in Albania. This will be achieved by supporting the government initiative to re-register all legally possessed weapons and digitalize all firearms-related data within a single national database, where the information is easily retrievable and appropriate for analytical work. The project will also assist the Albanian State Police in bringing an additional 10% of its firearms and ammunition storages to acceptable storage and safety standards, preventing the risk of diversion and hence illegal possession, misuse and trafficking.

Finally, a comprehensive awareness campaign, involving and carried out in collaboration with the Albanian State Police, lead civil society organizations and media, including specifically women and youth organizations, will be implemented. The aim of the campaign is to reduce the demand and misuse of firearms, prevent gender-based violence and family crime, and increase confidence in security institutions.

Budget: US$1,661,314

Implementing period: November 2020 – October 2022