SEESAC participates in the 10th Annual Regional Cooperation Council Meeting

SEESAC Coordinator attended the 10th Annual RCC Meeting held in Dubrovnik on 29 June. Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretary General Goran Svilanovic co-chaired the meeting with Ambassador Mario Horvatic, representing the Croatian SEECP Chairmanship-in-Office 2016-2017.

The participants assessed the RCC’s activities and the progress that has been made over the past 12 months. Mr. Svilanovic stated that “tangible progress was made in furthering trade and investment integration, designing effective employment policies and their implementation, strengthening cooperation in education, research and innovation, supporting good governance and strengthening security”.

During the meeting there was a fruitful discussion about how regional cooperation can energize the EU integration process in South East Europe. Ms. Balon contributed by describing SEESAC’s achievements in 2016 and sharing priorities for 2017, which will promote cooperation between a range of different stakeholders in South East Europe.  

Mr. Svilanovic presented the RCC 2016-2017 Annual Report. It outlines the main RCC activities and achievements in the past year. It also lays out the overall background and crucial developments impacting and shaping the activities of the RCC and the region of South East Europe in the reporting period. The report says that dialogue among the RCC participants from SEE has intensified in a variety of different regional cooperation formats, which has generated a positive momentum for further developing the nexus between the region and the EU. At the end of the meeting the annual report was endorsed by all the participants.