Montenegro pioneers the ammunition destruction scene in South East Europe

With over 27.757 pieces of ammunition destroyed on 4 June 2018, Montenegro proves once more its commitment to a future safe from harm caused by the most profitable armed violence tool: ammunition. The destruction event was organized by the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro, funded by the European Union, and supported by SEESAC and UNDP Montenegro Country Office.

The destroyed 27.757 pieces of ammunition continue last year's tradition of Montenegrin institutions of turning into ashes over 21.412 pieces of ammunition that could otherwise reach criminal hands. The destroyed ammunition was either handed in voluntarily by citizens or was a result of law enforcement actions conducted by Montenegrin authorities who confiscated illegally possessed weapons and their ammunition.  

Since the beginning of the year, 116 armed violence incidents took place in Montenegro as reported by SEESAC's Armed Violence Monitoring Platform. With the need for destroying both illegal SALW and their ammunition clearly proven by the presence of armed violence incidence throughout the country, same as across the region, Montenegro plans to destroy by the end of the year an additional quantity of 24.673 pieces of ammunition.

Ammunition destruction is one of the most effective ways of diminishing the risk of proliferation throughout Montenegro, South East Europe and beyond. SEESAC is assisting the authorities in the region to dispose of their surplus and confiscated SALW and their ammunition. Disposal activities of this kind are implemented throughout the region within the framework of EU Council Decision (CFSP) 2016/2356 in support of SEESAC disarmament and arms control activities in South-East Europe. These activities are in line with the EU Strategy to combat illicit accumulation and trafficking of SALW and their ammunition.