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11 November 2019, Evening (17:01 - 23:00)
Pirok, North Macedonia
A handgun "CZ" cal. 7.62 mm, a magazine with 8 cartridges and a magazine with 9 cartridges cal. 7.62 mm were found and seized by the Police.
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11 November 2019, Morning (05:01 - 11:00)
Bitola, North Macedonia
A 44-year-old man accidentally shot and injured himself while cleaning his revolver  "Zastava 357 Magnum M 83/93".
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11 November 2019, Night (23:01 - 5:00)
Desan, Kosovo*
Two men were arrested after one of them showed a handgun in a dispute with several other persons. During the raid of the home of the second perpetrator, the police seized a semi-automatic weapon with a magazine, a pistol cal. 7.62 mm with a ...
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